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Hodja in Holland

A storytelling program about the adventures of Nasreddin Hodja in Holland

Voorstelling Hodja"Hodja in Holland" is a storytelling program about the adventures of the Turkish hero Nasreddin Hodja in Holland. Marco Holmer adapted the old stories and anecdotes about the famous Hodja. Some modern urban legends were the result. In those stories the Hodja combats, as in the originals, indisjustice and prejustice with humour and astuteness.


Every culture has its own antihero: in Holland Jan Klaassen, in Flanders Tijl Uilenspiegel, in Spain Don Quichotte. Nasreddinn Hodja is in Turkey the leading man. There are thousands of stories about this smart philosopher. Stories which comment the sorrow of daily life with a smile.

In the program "Hodja in Holland" are the stories situated in a Dutch multicultural neighbourhood. The storyteller introduces the different characters as the story goes along. The listeners encounter the Dutch neighbour of the Hodja, the shopkeeper, the mayor, and the children playing in the park. But the public encounters most of all the extraordinary view of the Hodja on daily life.

Hodja 2The Program

The performance is suitable to an audience more than 10 years old. It can be performed at schools, libraries, manifestations and conferences. The performance will last about 50 minutes.

The program is produced by:

  • Stories: Marco Holmer
  • Staging: Frans de Vette
  • Scenery: Gytha Paulusma
  • Music: Reinout Douma