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My aunt Pilar

A storytelling-programm about love, based on photographs of the dutch artist Rommert Boonstra.

Voorstelling PilarCousin Felipe pays, the first time since forty years, a visit to his elderly aunt in the madhouse. While he waits on the bench in the corridor, he tells about the time he stayed with his aunt. He was only ten years old then. It was the visit that revealed the horrible secret of his aunt.

The stories are situated at an estate in Spain. The storyteller introduces the characters which played an important role in the situation. The listeners meet all those personalities: Miguel the butler, Maria the needlewoman, Jesus the servant and most of all that strange aunt. While the story proceeds, the audience is carried away on a trip towards the revelation of the truth.

Rommert BoonstraPortrays

The storytelling program "My aunt Pilar" is based on four special photographs of the well known artist Rommert Boonstra.
The women portrayed on the pictures inspired Marco Holmer to a programme with stories, music of Nora Mulder and of course the photographs of Rommert Boonstra.

Pilar 3The Program

The programme is intended for adults an youngsters and can be performed in theatres and schools. The performance will last about 50 minutes.

The program is produced by:

    Stories: Marco Holmer
  • Staging: Jan van Rossum
  • Scenery: Roos Klaasen
  • Music: Nora Mulder